Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I am still waiting to hear back from a few literary agents, and as I've learned through this whole process is that this business is all about playing the waiting game. It's like playing chicken, and I say this because all you really hope for is that the other caves and brags about how amazing your work is. Well, it's not like that. Most replies are informal and kind, and by the end of most I want to reply a thank you and sorry for wasting your time. I think they have done a very well reverse psychology because I never thought I'd smile at a rejection letter. But getting a literary agent is to play the worst game.

Any who because I am so impatient (pause for gasps) I am looking into self publishing... Not because I don't think I can't hack it in the "BIG" business, but because I want to get it out there so that people can read it. I also think I have romanticized the idea of creating a cover, and actually having a say on my book title and all that jazz. It is exciting and I have so many people that are willing to help me, and that's what makes going down this road so much less scary. Oddly, everything is falling into place...slowly, but surely...

So yes...I'll definitely keep you posted as to which direction I choose to go in!

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