Thursday, 18 July 2013


One of my favorite questions is how did you do it...I mean how did you write 314 pages?

I'm not the first person to brag about my abilities because I don't think I'm any better than any other writer out there. So I thought about it, and the only thing I could come up for the longest time was a shrug of the shoulder, and an embarrassed smile.

Since the last time someone asked me that question I actually sat down and seriously thought about it. How did I do it, and it wasn't until recently that I realized how...

I realized that music has helped me a lot. I just looked through my 'deviation' playlist in itunes and realized that I have over a hundred songs that helped me piece the story together. I don't know if this helps anyone reading this, but I am the kind of person who waits for something to affect me deep. Something that resonates so deep within my being that I have to share it with the world. I love that the music I chose to have playing in the background somehow makes it's way to the characters emotion or voice. I think that's what I love most about writing--that a piece of me stays with each character.

I love it!

Music has helped me to do more than writing...and I guess I realized that today when I listened to The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Mumford and Sons, or (My all time favorite) The Fray (And so many more). They save me every time I need some safe place to hide. I laugh because as I write this 'Stubborn Love' plays in the background, and it makes me hope that after we die we get to look back on our lives and listen to the soundtrack that accompanies our everyday life that we lived. I hope it's like that, and I hope that I fall in love with my story all over again. And I hope that it's because of the music.

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