Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Henly and Renner (SNEAK PEEK)

So as a way to stir up some 'hype' for my book my girl, Abby Stanford, helped me recreate one of mine, and a few others favorite scenes (Anna and Lindsey). It was a fun day! I had a blast being able to portray Henly, but Abby made sure to take the pictures so that my face was blurred, and hidden because I wanted to make sure that you, the reader, will still have your own idea of what she looks like because that's how it should be (And I in NO way look like her, or vice versa). Anyways, thanks to her sweet skills I got some photo's that could match up to this amazing scene between Henly and Renner!

I'll post more as the weeks count down with more excerpts...


We watch as the convoy drives off the compound, weaving through the empty streets. Almost instantly images of what could happen to him flash before my eyes and I have to force myself to stay planted. Behind us the group has started a new game, and I suddenly feel drained as if I haven’t slept in years. I decide that it’d be best if I went inside to rest.

            I turn around when I hear Renner, “What are you doing tonight?” He shifts his weight as he uncrosses his arms.

          “What?” I ask, wondering if he’s testing to see if I am going to go after them. “Sleep mostly.”
            He exhales and rubs his palms together nervously, “Will you—” His exhale is deep, “Will you go on a date with me? Tonight?”
            I follow his gaze to my boots. I look up, and around to whom he’s talking to. I mean sure, we kissed a few times, but back in school it was a common occurrence to kiss and it not mean anything. Plus, I kind of ended it with him earlier so I doubt he’d be talking about me. So of course I don’t think it through when I respond.
           “Who me?” I say pointing at myself.
            “Who else?” The corners of his lips twitch into a smile.
             “You want to take me on a date?” I ask, looking around confused.
            His confidence wavers with his shaky laugh, “Yes.”
            I raise an eyebrow in curiosity by his unusual bashfulness and decide to have a little fun with it, “Why?”
            His exhale is shaky when he answers, “Because in any other world this is how I’d do it, how it’d all start. We’d go to dinner, then bowling, a movie, drive around or play a game,” he laughs in between, “I don’t know, anything. We’d talk about things that didn’t revolve around the virus, Deviations, or death.” He licks his lips as his nerves take control, “Then I’d drop you off late, worried about your dad killing me because we lost track of time.” He pauses as if regaining his credence, “And even if the world’s gone to Hell, I don’t want to lose that.”
            I stand completely still, overwhelmed by this version of him that I hadn’t seen before. And it enters my mind—maybe chivalry isn’t dead.
            “Okay,” I respond calmly. “I’ll see you at eight.”
            He smiles, “See you at eight.”

The knock is a few minutes early and I feel my stomach twitch, tumbling into itself. I open the door and see him standing awkwardly clean. His faded unbuttoned shirt is opened to a plain white tee. He’s dressed down in dark denim and his outdated Vans pull his California-casual look together. I laugh at the weeds gathered in his hands.
“This is all I could find.” He laughs presenting them to me.
“Thanks.” I smile and set them on the small side table by the door.
“You look nice.”
Thanks to Alba, who loaned me one of her dresses—a burnt orange color covered with white lace. My hair falls in loose waves down my shoulders. I feel goose bumps under the thick straps as the breeze seeps in through the doorThe tan flats aren’t something I’d wear, but Alba insisted that it pulled the outfit together. She also insisted that she help get me ready. Earlier, I caught a glimpse of what Alba did with my face. I was amazed at how she made small specks of gold appear around the irises of my eyes, making my green eyes more vibrant—more appealing. I pat at the dress to keep it from swaying in the breeze and instantly wish I had worn jeans because standing in front of Renner I suddenly feel overdressed.
“Thanks. You too.” I say eyeing his opulent hair.
“Ready?” He extends his hand out.
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“It’s a surprise.” He smiles.

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