Tuesday, 8 July 2014

While I've been away!

So for a while I unwillingly imploded...Yes, and now I'm back! Alive. And ready. SO I've been in a walker kind of gaze. You know the one where you aimlessly walk around and will eat anything that presents itself as food (No I'm not eating other people). Also I just finished an EXTREME marathon of The Walking Dead, which is why I'm still talking about it! Okay, on a serious note. I'm ready. I've been writing, and also expanding my writing skills.

I've always played with the idea of being a songwriter. I don't have an amazing voice, but I love to write and I love music. Ever since I started playing the guitar it's kind of become my second passion. I guess it's another way for me to express myself and to connect with a different group of people. I also love to tell tell a large story through a small roundabout way. Though I love to do this, it will in no way get in the way of the Deviations series, or others that I am writing. But now that the haze of imploding has faded I am getting back to what I know best: writing.

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