Thursday, 22 May 2014

LLC Network

Little Light-Collective Network

So I've been keeping a little bit of a secret. Well not a secret, but I've been working on something that I think you all will LOVE! AND if you know me, then that means it has to do with writing, and books. If you don't know me, then I just gave it away... Anyways here it goes...

LLC Network
Our goal is to give writers an opportunity to share what they’ve written with others in a unique way. Unlike other publishing sites we want to find you (the writer) the right audience while exposing you to the opportunity of gaining exposure.
How do we want to do this? We want to take what you’ve written and share it with the world on a week-by-week basis. The writer (YOU) will submit a chapter, or an episode each week that consists of 10-15 pages, and we will air it (or post it). Like a TV show, we’ll help advertise and make people aware that your ‘series’ will be airing, and give them the opportunity to read your work.
Once your season (book) is over, we will compile it into an eBook as well as Paperback and set up a purchase link, where you, the author, will garnish 50% of sales, and maintain 100% of the rights to the novel. Depending on how well your series is we will discuss future opportunities with LLC Network.
If you, or anyone you know fits in with this new hybrid way of publishing send them over to LLC Network, where you can read all about us, and learn how to submit today!

Head over to the site for our launch of 'Wait, What!?' that will air on Thursday May 22, 2014!

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