Monday, 21 April 2014

Hello Quarter-Life-Crisis!

My Quarter Life Crisis Has Begun....

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt an unusual spring in my step. It was my Twenty-fifth Birthday! I thought to myself this is my year, this is when I make things happen for me. I slowly took my time getting ready for church, and thought of all of the things that I would accomplish this year. Though, by the time church ended I found myself thinking, wow I feel like I'm twenty-four going on eighty, but no. I was twenty-four going on twenty-five. This whole accomplishing my goals thing was going to be hard work, and just thinking about how I would do it made me tired. Will I ever sleep? Should I sleep? I want to sleep. (Just in case you hadn't noticed sleeping is detrimental to me!) What do I need to sacrifice to accomplish what I want to do? Can I even do everything!? It's strange how easily we're fooled into believing the lesser version of ourselves. When I told my husband about it he laughed at me then started to list all of my accomplishments. I shrugged him off and did the next best thing, I took a nap. When I woke my husband surprised me with a watch. I smiled as he told me, 'this is to remind you when it's time for bed'. Suddenly, I thought maybe he was right--maybe I had accomplished a lot in the past twenty-five years.

Later that night we went over to my mother in laws to celebrate my birthday. My mother in law gave me one of the most revitalizing gifts I think I've ever received. Since I was turning 25 she thought up an idea to gift me a box full of 25 things I loved. When I opened the box I didn't realize what it meant until I opened a box of lemons. Yes lemons. Every time I am at my mother-in-laws I always ask for lime and hot sauce, but since there's a lime shortage she got me lemons. Some razor's because I forget to shave my legs. Some of my strange addiction like tic-tacs, kit-kats, bookmarks, sweet and sour candy, and notebooks.Vinegar and baking soda, because my drain gets clogged--because of my mermaid hair--Redken products to keep my mermaid hair in top shape! And other random trinkets that I absolutely adore!

Honestly, I am surrounded with such amazing people, and they all made me feel special, but her gift helped remind me who I was. A writer/reader, with strange addictions. I've never been gifted anything this cool before, and I just wanted to share it with everyone, and thought that maybe this would help give you ideas for mother's day, father's day, or a birthday. 

A quarter of my life is gone. No I am not sad, nor do I feel old. I thought of making a list, or goals of things to accomplish in the next year, but thought against it. I figure, I have plenty of time to write things down. So, this is a joke to myself--this is my quarter life crisis. This is my time to keep going, to keep accomplishing. This is my year to do whatever I want, and enjoy it! I can't wait to finish current projects I'm working on, and the opportunity to work with some amazing people! Cheers to 25!

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