Friday, 21 March 2014


Without a doubt I'm that girl who nerds out over my favorite books being turned into movies. I watch trailers, interviews, and schedule the release date in my phone so that when it's time I can rush to the movies and get my tickets early. So of course, last night I geared up for the early showing of Divergent. Thank goodness I have a great support system for these moments (Brooke, Bree, and Debbie). I call these girls with a plan and as always we meet at the theater get our Diet Cokes, Root Beet, popcorn, and any other delicious treat that'll satisfy our sweet-tooth.

As the theater grew dim I felt the same little jitter in my stomach that I had felt when I read the book. As soon as the first image hit the screen I was lost, which surprised me a little because I was so worried that what I saw when I read the book wouldn't be what I saw on screen. I think it's fair to say that they hit it dead-on. Not only did the movie absolutely satisfy me, but  I wanted more. I wanted to run home and crack open Insurgent, and read it all over again.

The city of Chicago looked amazing! It was gritty yet beautiful and honestly better than I could have conjured in my mind. It's been a while since I read Divergent so the brief descriptions of each faction were presented in a way that wasn't tedious, but helpful. One of my favorite parts in the book was The War Games/Ferris Wheel scene. They captured that part of the book and it translated amazingly. It was also fun to see Veronica Roth have her own little cameo as a Dauntless.

I LOVE who they cast as Tris and Four. At first I wasn't sure about Four. I thought, "No, that's not what he looks like." But as soon as he opened his mouth--that voice with those eyes I was lost. The memories of Tobias came flooding back and I was like yep, that's our guy. As my sister-in-law would say, "His eyes pierce through my soul." Yeah, he's that good.

To any movie, music is a really big deal for me (it can either break or make a movie). I feel like I should be able to listen to the music/soundtrack/score and be able to see the book move through my mind. And I can honestly say that the music for Divergent weirded me out at first. However, after watching the movie I realized the music was ridiculously appropriate for the movie. I came home and purchased the score, and love it!

One of the things that I missed in the movie were some of the minor plot lines. I feel that they missed a lot of the character development between Tris and some of her friends in Dauntless. I wish they would have expanded on that a little more and explained why we're supposed to hate Peter. But in all fairness I suppose some things needed to be cut, and if you've read the book you'll get the context clues.

Overall, I would say to go watch the movie and get your Divergent on!

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