Thursday, 30 January 2014


There are so many fun factors of indie publishing that I was looking forward to. Like being able to have total control over what the cover of my book should be, or the content I get to keep, and even the hours--no days spent editing and formatting. I'm still no professional, but thanks to the amazing people on my side I've been able to accomplish this.

Any who, after getting some feedback from a few readers that the EBook was a little scary, and not appealing me and my sister got together and (she) drew up an alternate cover. The alternate cover below will be featured on print books that will be available at the Amazon store hopefully sometime early next week!

I'm pretty excited about this! I love the image, and it's more glamorized and appealing for those who thought the other cover was too much.

Thanks for the support and I can't wait for this to be available to order next week as a Paperback!!

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