Monday, 9 September 2013

Round Two

After convincing myself that I needed to self-publish because I was so discouraged by all of the no's I received, I have decided to postpone that thought for another round of queries.

I was re-inspired by one of my editors, and close friend, who carefully encouraged me to try again--just try again. Can I just say that I am glad to have people in my life that are always encouraging me to continue and press on like my family and some of my close friends (the list is endless by the way). So after I got back my query letter from one of my editors, I have fixed the errors and format, and am into a new round of edits! Hooray for me!?

I now understand the constant advice, or 'don't be a writer if you can't hack the no's,' it is so important...because it's true, and now that I feel that I have recuperated from my last no, I am ready to put on the brave face and go at it again...

So here goes...

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